Concentration camps in Poland


Many of the Nazi's concentration camps were established in Poland. Auschwitz, Majdanek and Stutthof are the most visited by tourists, and are easily accessible to travellers visiting Krakow, Lublin, Warsaw or Gdansk. The other major Nazi camps in Poland are:

  • Belzec - established in 1942, it is estimated that some 600,000 Jews and Roma had beed murdered there.
  • Chelmno nad Nerem (Cumhof) - established in 1941 as the first death camp built by the Nazis in Poland. An estimated 340,000 were murdered there, the majority Polsih Jews.
  • Rozgoznica (Gross - Rosen) - one of the earliest forced labour camps, established in 1940. 40,000 people perished there.
  • Sobibor - this death camp was set up in 1942, an estimated 250,000 inmates - mostly Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Holland, France and Austria were murdered there.
  • Treblinka - an estimated 800,000 people - Jews, Roma, Poles had perished in its gas chambers.
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