Is Krakow just another Prague or is it something more interesting perhaps?


Krakow Old Town

If you add to this the very interesting Podhale region with its majestic Tatra Mountains and the winter capital of Poland – Zakopane, as well as the charming Pieniny Mountains with its highlight – the Dunajec river rafting, what we come up with is an incredible amount of attractions on a small area.

Regarding the number of attractions, Krakow outran the Czech Republic a long time ago and the city's compact character along with a less spoiled attitude towards tourists are its other advantages :)  

The Old Town with dozens of churches, the majestic Vistula River flowing through Krakow, the renaissance streets and medieval courtyards are the reasons why so many foreigners have fallen in love with Krakow, some of them buying flats and living here, creating an ever growing group of expats who add local colour to the city.

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